Board Members

1. Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou - Chairman of the Board and Commodore of the Club

2. Helffer, Hugues -Board member and Vice Commodore ( Benefactor)

3. Barrowman, Douglas - Board member and Vice Commodore ( Benefactor)

4. Robert, Stéphane - Board member and Vice Commodore ( Benefactor)

5. Lacour, Ashley - Board member (of SIBARTH the sponsors)

6. Boutsen, Daniela - Board member (of BOUTSEN DESIGN the sponsors)

7. Elliott, Mark - Board member (of IYC the sponsors)

8. Joannou, Carine - Board member ( of Jamis bikes the sponsors)

9. Riccobon, Gustavo -  Board member and General Secretary.

10. Griggs, Ken - Board member and Treasurer

11. Perini, Milena - Board member


Executive Committee

1. Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou - Commodore of the Club

2. Riccobon, Gustavo - General Secretary

3. Griggs, Ken - Treasurer


Social Committee

The following list represents the enlarged Social Committee of 30 members, in alphabetical order by last name. Only members who have fully paid their 2017 fees have been admitted on the committee.

Social Committee Coordinator: Demarchelier, Benjamin - Club Manager 

1. Brosnan, Deborah

2. Chimenti, Letizia

3. Clifford, Natalie

4. Cullen, David - Race Officer*

5. Foregger, Douglas

6. Frankl, Annabelle

7. Frankl, Nicholas

8. Gison – Piggott, Lucia

9. Gréaux, Julie

10. Gréaux, Jacqueline

11. Hancock, Charles

12. Hennequet, Jean-Pierre

13. Hennequet - Favard, Oxana

14. Lacour, Kristina

15. Lawrie, Kevin

16. Lester, Richard

17. Modderman Hugo

18. Murphy, Orla

19. Murueta-Goyena, Juan

20. Norton, Mai Linh

21. Peterson, Irina

22. Piggott, Simon

23. Pilsak, Ursula

24. Quattrocchi, Kay

25. Rossi, G. Michael

26. Saliege, Laurence

27. Schindelhauer, Kim

28. Smith, Melanie

29. Tofias, Donald

30. Tondina, Pierangelo

The terms of reference of the Social Committee and the use of the Club’s funds: The Executive Committee has allocated a budget of 2,000 euro per month for the cost of organizing social events such as the lectures, presentations, piano nights, tasting events etc. that have recently taken place at the Clubhouse. This budget is controlled by the Club Manager (the full time employee of the Club). Any Social Committee member who would like to organize an event for the Club and would like to draw down from this budget must coordinate with the Club Manager who will consult the Executive Committee. The rules for the budget to be used are:
    a. the event must be at the Clubhouse and open to all members for free,
    b. or at the Clubhouse and available to members who buy a ticket on a first come first serve basis.
    c. Any events outside the Clubhouse can only be funded by the Club’s budget (wholly or partly) if they are approved by the Executive Committee and publicised         amongst all members well in advance so they all have a fair chance to participate (for example the stand of the Club at the Monaco Yacht show in September         2017).
*The Race Officer: There is a newly created position of the Club’s Race Officer who will also be a member of the Social Committee. The main role of the new position is to coordinate the Club’s participation in any sailing events and regattas. The Executive Committee has invited Mr David Cullen, an accomplished sailor and sailing yacht owner, to be the first Race Office of the Club and he will work with the Commodore and other members to develop the participation of the Club in various Regattas around the world.