Philippe Poupon and Geraldine Danon to visit the Gustavia Yacht Club Stand on Saturday Sept 30th noon-1800h. They will be showing their latest film about their voyage through the Red Sea and will be available to speak to members and guests alike. Come meet these outstanding individuals and hear about their incredible journey around the world. Visit us at the Monaco Yacht Show QL9 on Jetee Lucianne just past the Monaco Yacht Show   

As we approach the end of September we can look forward to two more events next week and in October. Thanks to all who joined us at the booth during the Monaco Classic Week. It was wonderful to get together with all the members whom many of which I hadn't seen since they left St Barts and some of you I met for the first time in person! We had the chance to sip rosé on the port with other members and fellow yacht clubs. There was a very invigorating amount of chatter concerning getting help to victims of Hurricane Irma and that is good. Some of you are already down in the trenches in St Barts helping first hand and we commend you. The Club fund has already donated 25,000 euros to efforts on the island.

The Commodore invited members to join him for the EGM at his office in Monaco on the 25th of September, 2017 at noon in order to formalise the adoption of these articles of association as a matter of good order. Stelios' office is Located on the 1st floor of Ruscino, 14, Quai Antoine 1er in the port of Monaco. Followed by lunch on the terrace. This was one of the last opportunities to obtain complimentary tickets to the Monaco Yacht Show through the Gustavia Yacht Club. Please RSVP so that we may be ready for the expected attendance.

The Gustavia Yacht Club will once again host a booth this year during the Monaco Yacht Show. This is one of the best events Monaco has to offer and a must-see for our members. The Club has a been given some complimentary tickets to hand out to our members which we encourage you to request in advance. RSVP with Benjamin or reply directly to this email. There are a lot of members coming to visit just for this event so it will be very social. The RSVP list is growing and everyone who has requested has tickets set aside already.

To conclude events in the Cotes D'Azur the Club will also host a soiree at Le Jardin Restaurant on the quay in St Tropez during Les Voiles De St Tropez October 6th. Our reservation is at 19:30 and attendees are encouraged to arrive on time. This event is RSVP only and there are not many spaces left. If I have not confirmed your reservation or you wish to cancel please contact me directly to my email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Dear friends of St Barths,

As the first photos and updates come in from the island of St Barts (mostly via facebook) those of us monitoring the situation from the safety of Monaco can already see that Hurricane IRMA has caused a lot of damage to property on the island.

The official French government communications sadly talk about a loss of life of 9 between St Maarten and St Barts. As if that is not enough hurricane Jose is expected in the area in the next two days!

The Gustavia Yacht Club has decided to step up to these challenging times and provide much needed financial help to those in need who have been hit hard by the Hurricane(s). Contrary to popular belief not everyone is a millionaire on St Barts.

With this in mind the Club's Commodore Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou has asked the Club's bankers in Monaco ( CFM Indosuez) to set up a special ring-fenced sub-account in the name of the Club with the designation "St Barts - Hurricane IRMA disaster relief fund".

The Stelios Philanthropic Foundation will be the first one to donate €100,000 (one hundred thousand euro) to this disaster relief fund and we are hoping that more members and friends of the island will contribute to the cause by donating in cash to this account. The information on how to donate is at the bottom of the page and attached as a PDF for bank wire transfers.

The funds raised will be disbursed wisely and transparently by decision of the executive committee of the Club ( Sir Stelios with Ken Griggs and Gustavo Riccobon) under the watchful eye of the full board of directors. We will give priority to real people in real need in our home port of Gustavia first and the island as a whole, always trying to assist people who might not get hand-outs from the government or other bodies. We will try to help the neediest first in a quick and efficient way and will be publishing updates on our facebook page and website and have a full report out by the end of 2017 by which time we want to have disbursed all the funds to good causes. It is difficult to be more prescriptive at the moment about where the needs are ( it could be the hospital or the old people's home or it could be a neighbour who has been left homeless. It could be funding the cost of a soup kitchen or just handing out small sums of cash for people to get by day to day).

We are stronger together and we hope to play an active part in the rebuilding of our beautiful island.

 For direct transfers of aid:

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                            "St Barts - Hurricane IRMA disaster relief fund" through CFM Monaco Bank

Gustavia Yacht Club                                                                                                                                         IBAN: MC58 1273 9000 7005 8612 1000 071   BIC: CFMOMCMXXXX



Minutes of the EGM ( extraordinary general meeting of members) held on

Monday , 25th of September , 2017 at 1230h At Stelios' offices in Monaco

The following board members were present : Stelios, Ken Griggs, Daniela Boutsen, Milena Perini, Stephane Robert as well as another c 30 members and certain invited guests in attendance.

  • 1)Resolution to adopt the Articles dated 3rd of September, 2017 as published on the website and granting authority to the exco to translate to French and file with the relevant authorities. PASSED
  • 2)Resolution to receive and accept the accounts for the FY that ended 31st of December, 2016 as reviewed by Moore Stephens dated 18 August , 2017 as published on the website. PASSED
  • 3)Resolution to accept the proposal of the board of directors to make the following concessions on the fees due to the Club: All three PASSED
  • a.The c 40 Founding Members who have not paid the 2017 fee as of 22 Sep 17. Give them more time given IRMA
  • b.Our 6 Corporate Sponsors – extend for calendar 2018 free of charge
  • c.New member sign ups since IRMA get a long year until the end of 2018 for €2k joining and €1k per annum i.e. next fee due Jan, 19
  • 4)Additional items discussed at the board and EGM for information :
  • a.Hurricane IRMA – the deck 1 of the Clubhouse was flooded. Given that the ownership of the property is with Stelios, he will pay as landlord the cost of restoring the property in due course. The Club, as tenant, will pay to replace any movable items and equipment that were damaged by IRMA on decks 1, 2 and 3. The expectation is that the Clubhouse will be operational again sometime in the first quarter of 2018.
  • b.Disaster relief fund – see appeal – Stelios donated 100k euro – an additional 60k in from others- publish the CFM bank statement – first two donations Mai and Doug 20k and Kay 5k euro – Gustavo is working on 15k for the local school and is sourcing more good causes for using the fund on the island until end of December – all requests for new donations welcome from the island!
  • 5)Pavlos Kontides world Champion in the laser class . Gave speech after the EGM today and will be available at the stand of MYS on the 27th of September 17
  • 6)Philippe and Geraldine Poupon – fleur austral – available at the stand on 30 Sept – TF1 film – to be shown
  • 7)6th of October event in St Tropez Voile 30th of October in Champagne VC – offer
  • 8)Being no further Club Business the meeting came to a close at 1330h

Wonderful article written about the Club and St Barts:


St Barts Gustavia Yacht Club launched on the “Jewel of the Caribbean”

HomeTravelSt Barts Gustavia Yacht Club launched on the “Jewel of the Caribbean”

Santiago Travel July 1, 2017

By Simon Piggott

The St Barts experience starts immediately as you fly across from St Martin (SXM) and touch down on the island at Gustaf III Airport (SBH); this reminds the newcomer of some of its historical origins, when the island was a free port under the Swedish Crown.


You fly in over spectacular views of the Port of Gustavia, the island’s capital, which also takes its name from King Gustav III. The short airstrip is at the base of a gentle slope which ends directly on the beach. Considered the third most tricky airport in the world to approach, the descent to the runway is extremely steep, passing straight over a hilltop roundabout. Departing planes take off right over the heads of sunbathers, as at St Martin, although signs advise sunbathers not to lie on the beach at the end of the runway: a barrier has been put up to discourage bathers walking across the beach at that point. Anyway only specially licensed pilots are allowed to land at St Barts so do not worry!



The island’s original name was Ouanalao, Amerindian for pelican. It was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and renamed by him after his brother Bartolomeo. French settlers arriving in 1663 called it Saint-Barthélemy. In 1784 France ceded the island to Sweden in exchange for trading rights at the port of Gothenburg. The Swedes then sold it back to France nearly a century later in 1878.

At 25 sq.kms, the island is small and was not conducive to plantations, such as sugar, due to its being dry and rocky. It thus became a centre for buccaneers before and during the colonial wars, when bounties could be exchanged without paying tax. Over the years the inhabitants, while retaining their free port status, converted to trading, fishing and farming.

In 1957 David Rockefeller, who died earlier this year at the venerable age of 101, bought a plot of land and built a property at Colombier, one of the most beautiful bays on St Barts. Slowly the dormant island, which had become a département of France in 1946 (a similar status to Hawaii in the US) emerged onto the map of an eccentric collection of characters, who settled on the island in search of its privacy and seclusion vis-a-vis better known spots frequented by the international jet set. A good read is Randy West’s book of tales “A Sunny Place for Shady Characters” about his encounters over the past 40 years at Le Select, the island’s only Caribbean-style bar, located in the centre of Gustavia.



Over the past 20 years, the island has developed into a hub for discreet luxury tourism under the savvy guidance of Bruno Magras, first as mayor from 1995 and then as Président de la Collectivité, following its independence from Guadaloupe in 2007. The original settlers and even the sailors who visited the island in the early 1980s would hardly recognize St Barts today!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve now attract an international crowd, with superyacht spotting becoming a “national sport” – 2016 saw the likes of the 162.5m “Eclipse” whose owner also has a property on the island, the 115m “Luna”,  the 113m Le “Grand Bleu”, 101.5m “Symphony”, 96.25m “Limitless”, 92m “Aquarius” SY 88m “Maltese Falcon”, 85.6m “Aquila” and many more anchoring off Gustavia Port, which berths its largest yacht “Excellence V” at 60m. The owners are a mixture of European and American billionaires and friends, who appreciate the beauty and safety of the island, many of whom are members of Cercle.



It is within this growing international context that the Gustavia Yacht Club was established in 2016 by its Commodore, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, and a number of founding members, who have fallen in love with the island and its human dimension, but lacked a place in which visitors and inhabitants alike could come together to enjoy the island’s beauty and its fascinating nautical past
and present.

Over a short period of time since September 2016 GYC has gathered in its Clubhouse on the Port of Gustavia over 280 members (many of whom have made St Barts their winter residence) including Benefactors, Founding and Ordinary Members in a cosy atmosphere reminiscent of a home within a home, with members active in sailing, motor yachting and all the other activities that the island offers Club members have started to take part in sailing events held on the island, starting with the New Year’s Eve Regatta round the island, which saw Donald in his W Class “White Horses” among others. This was followed by the coveted Bucket Regatta, which this year celebrated its 30th Anniversary.

In the Club’s first Role of Honour we congratulate GYC member Kim and his crew for winning the Les Gazelles des Mers class on the 33m Baltic “Win Win”, and Elena on her 88m Perini “Maltese Falcon” entering into the true spirit of the Les Grandes Dames des Mers class, which was won by the 56m Perini “Rosehearty” with Paul Cayard of America’s Cup fame as tactician.





“Koo”, the 43m Vitters won Les Voiles Blanches, racing under the new Corinthian Spirit Class ORCcs handicap , while “Wisp”, the Royal Huisman 48m sloop, took the Les Mademoiselles des Mers class.

“Spiip”, the 34m German Frers designed and Royal Huisman built sloop won the Les Elegantes des Mers class and was crowned overall winner of the Bucket! Add in the return of the mighty
J Class, Le retour des legendes being won by “Hanuman”, a Royal Huisman built in 2009, and the 2017 St Barts Bucket was really an unforgettable trentennial celebration!

Next on the sailing agenda was the Voiles de St. Barths in April, which saw a number of members and friends competing. This will be followed by the America’s Cup rendezvous in Bermuda in June, at which many GYC members will be present.

Fair winds to you all and looking forward to seeing you in the Med for the season and at the Monaco Yacht Show at the end of September, where the Club will have a stand on the port.

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