Despite the fact that our yacht club was only created in 2016, we have already formed informal reciprocal arrangements with several other yacht clubs around the world.

The current arrangements are that each of the yacht clubs listed below can write to us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and introduce one of their members to us when they are visiting the island of St Barts and would like to use our Clubhouse. We are happy to welcome such members to our Clubhouse for one visit per year per member lasting no more than two weeks. We expect to be able to introduce our own members to the same yacht clubs when they are visiting those places on the same terms. Our members should ask Ben the Club manager to write such letter of introduction for them.  For the avoidance of doubt at all times each visiting member should settle their own expenditure with the Club they are visiting directly (i.e. there are no credit facilities between Clubs). As the Clubhouse of the Gustavia Yacht Club offers a complimentary bar/lounge to members and their guests , we expect visiting members from other clubs to be able to use the members Lounge deck 2 for free. They can make purchases at the Boutique and reserve our board rooms for private dinners at a cost. 

We have already been in contact with the following clubs and expect to be adding to this list regularly

Anguilla Yacht Club

Antigua Yacht Club

Barbados Yacht Club

Chicago Yacht Club

Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia

Corinthian Yacht Club of San Francisco

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

Manhattan Yacht Club

Sint-Maartin Yacht Club



1. Fleur Australe                                                      

  1. Mrs. Letizia Chimenti – Vanni 
  2. Ms. Natalie Clifford 
  3. Mr. Nicholas Frankl 
  4. Ms. Annabelle Frankl 
  5. Mrs. Lucia Gison – Piggott 
  6. Mrs. Julie Gréaux 
  7. Mr. Charles Hancock
  8. Mr. Jean-Pierre Hennequet
  9. Mrs. Kristina Lacour 
  10. Ms. Orla  Murphy 
  11. Mr. Juan Murueta-Goyena 
  12. Ms. Irina Peterson 
  13. Mr. Simon Piggott 
  14. Ms. Melanie Smith 
  15. Mr. Pierangelo Tondina 

1. Fleur Australe                                                      

  1. Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, Chairman of the Board and Commodore of the Club 
  2. Mr. Hugues Helffer , Board member and Vice Commodore (Benefactor) 
  3. Mr. Douglas Barrowman, Board member and Vice Commodore(Benefactor) 
  4. Mr. Stéphane Robert,  Board member and Vice Commodore ( Benefactor) 
  5. Mr. Ashley Lacour , Board member and General Secretary 
  6. Mr. Ken Griggs , Board member and Treasurer 
  7. Mrs. Daniela Boutsen , Board member
  8. Mr. Mark Elliott, Board member (of IYC the sponsors) 
  9. Mrs. Milena Perini,  Board member 

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