EGM meeting in Monaco on September 25th 2017

Gustavia Yacht Club Interior

Minutes of the EGM (extraordinary general meeting of members) held on Monday, 25th of September, 2017 at 1230h At Stelios’ offices in Monaco.

The following board members were present: Stelios, Ken Griggs, Daniela Boutsen, Milena Perini, Stephane Robert as well as another c 30 members and certain invited guests in attendance.

Resolution to adopt the Articles dated 3rd of September, 2017 as published on the website and granting authority to the exco to translate to French and file with the relevant authorities. PASSED

Resolution to receive and accept the accounts for the FY that ended 31st of December, 2016 as reviewed by Moore Stephens dated 18 August, 2017 as published on the website. PASSED

Resolution to accept the proposal of the board of directors to make the following concessions on the fees due to the Club: All three PASSED
The c 40 Founding Members who have not paid the 2017 fee as of 22 Sep 17. Give them more time given IRMA
Our 6 Corporate Sponsors – extend for calendar 2018 free of charge
New member sign ups since IRMA get a long year until the end of 2018 for €2k joining and €1k per annum i.e. next fee due Jan, 19

Additional items discussed at the board and EGM for information :
Hurricane IRMA – deck 1 of the Clubhouse was flooded. Given that the ownership of the property is with Stelios, he will pay as landlord the cost of restoring the property in due course. The Club, as the tenant, will pay to replace any movable items and equipment that were damaged by IRMA on decks 1, 2 and 3. The expectation is that the Clubhouse will be operational again sometime in the first quarter of 2018.
Disaster relief fund – see appeal – Stelios donated 100k euro – an additional 60k in from others- publish the CFM bank statement – first two donations Mai and Doug 20k and Kay 5k euro – Gustavo is working on 15k for the local school and is sourcing more good causes for using the fund on the island until end of December – all requests for new donations welcome from the island!

Pavlos Kontides world Champion in the laser class . Gave speech after the EGM today and will be available at the stand of MYS on the 27th of September 17

Philippe and Geraldine Poupon – fleur austral – available at the stand on 30 Sept – TF1 film – to be shown

6th of October event in St Tropez Voile 30th of October in Champagne VC – offer

Being no further Club Business the meeting came to a close at 1330h