Exchange of burgee between GYC and Palm beach Yacht Club!

Exchange Burgee GYC and Palm Beach Yacht Club

We are thrilled to announce the exchange of burgees between the Gustavia Yacht Club and the Palm Beach Yacht Club in Florida !

Our fellow member Pravin Khatau and Leontine van Hekken were invited to celebrate new year’s eve at the Palm Beach Yacht Club by James and Sarah Karis who are members of the PBYC which was founded in 1911.

The dinner was held at the Dining Room of the PBYC and was hosted by Harris Levitt, the General Manager of the PBYC. Pravin exchanged burgees with Michael Houston who is the Maitre de Hotel. Shortly after the photo, Mr. Levitt joined Pravin and Leontine and spoke with them for about 10 minutes.

Harris Levitt said that they like doing burgee exchanges with other Yacht clubs and enjoy meeting their members. He has been to St. Bart’s personally and loves it here, so he was very happy to know about the GYC and extends his best wishes to the Club. He has fond memories of the island and the friendliness of the people, but says he got very scared with the landing into Gustavia airport! The next time he will sail to St. Barts.

We very much look forward to welcoming all of you in St Barts!

Exchange Burgee GYC and Palm Beach Yacht Club
Photo: (Left to right): Pravin Khatau, Leontine van Hekken, Michael Houston