Gustavia Yacht Club unites with Spetses Yacht Club by exchanging burgees at Grand Hotel Poseidonion in Spetses

We are very pleased to announce to all our members that on the 25th of August our Yacht Club has formed its latest informal reciprocal arrangement with the beautiful Spetses Yacht Club in Greece !

Our Commodore Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou exchanged burgees with the representative of the Spetses Yacht Club Antonis Vordonis at an event that was organised at the front court of the majestic Grand Hotel Poseidonion , which is located right next to Sir Stelios’ new private office on the Island , overlooking the port of Spetses .

The top Greek media website and newspaper has published a story regarding the union of the 2 yacht clubs , which can be found on the link below for all Greek readers .

Many photos taken at the ceremony can be found in the below article as well.