The Gustavia Yacht Club at the Royal Irish Yacht Club Challenge in Dublin-Day 1

The Gustavia Yacht Club team is in Dublin this weekend as it is taking place at the Royal Irish Yacht Club (RIYC) International Yacht Club Challenge.

On Friday 9th of June 2023, four Gustavia Yacht Club members, Patrick Coote, Paul Smith, Ilie Pana and Dara O’Shea, with captain Brett Durrans and crew member Mihai Nemesiu, took part at the official practice race (please find the pictures below). 

Today, Saturday 10th of  June 2023, the Gustavia Yacht Club team will  join the 5 official races taking place in Dún Laoghaire, Dublin. The other Yacht Club teams they are racing against are:

  1. Royal Irish Yacht Club
  2. Irish National Club team
  3. Manhattan Yacht Club
  4. Barcelona Yacht Club
  5. Czech Republic Yacht Club
  6. Yacht Club de Monaco
  7. Lanzarote Yacht Club

We wish them the best of luck on the races today!