Movie night for the Gustavia Yacht Club

Yesterday, 14th June 2023, the Gustavia Yacht Club members gathered at the Stelios Foundation Conference Hall in Monaco to watch the film “Setting hearts on fire-The Dragon” by Michael Kurtz. An interesting film regarding the classic sailing boat called a “Dragon”.

The film started after speeches were made regarding the Gustavia Yacht Club team’s trip to Dublin for the Royal Irish Yacht Club International Yacht Club Challenge. Esteemed member, Paul Smith, gave an informative and fun speech to all members regarding the racing that took place between the 9th-11th of June 2023. The team bought back with them the Royal Irish Yacht Club’s burgee, a photo of which you can find below with our Commodore, Captain and Crew members. 

We thank the Royal Irish Yacht Club for having us and also the team for representing the Gustavia Yacht Club.